We are determined to develop smart and sustainable mobility solutions in line with future trends, in order to offer pleasant journeys to passengers.


Our bold vision never lets us settle for the status quo, but always empowers us to seek more. Trailblazers as we are, always looking to the horizon and the future, continuously developing mobility solutions for the next generation. Experimentation and innovation are at the heart of every TEMSA product. The importance we place on R&D allows us to offer a wide variety of high-tech products to our customers. 

With the rise of electric vehicles, our sector is experiencing serious challenges. Every automotive manufacturer is trying to change their product portfolios to electric vehicles, only to come across multiple problems. Designing new vehicles under changed circumstances, acquiring cells or batteries, and extra hardware and software to ensure that the new system will run smoothly. All in all, everything is also constrained to the needs of projects. This will take us to the solution, which we named TEMSA Tech. TEMSA Tech is a way of doing business, creating smart, sustainable, and high-tech outcomes.

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Battery Pack, the crown jewel of the TEMSA Tech, can reach high levels of volumetric and gravimetric energy densities. That means less space and volume required to produce more power. A single battery pack, with one charge, can power up the International Space Station for one day long. This beautiful energy comes packed with a smooth 8mm aluminum case which is also fundamentally light, just 55 kilograms. The degree of sophistication made not only one of the lightest batteries there is but also the most robust and durable one. The case is enduring enough to handle impacts and protect the batteries from environmental magnetic effects. Light on weight but high on impact, our certificated battery packs are available to order now.

However, providing massive amounts of energy is useless unless you are able to control it. The tailor-made battery will need a unique BMS. The Battery Management System is another pioneering achievement of TEMSA engineering. The revolutionary design of this system takes up a little space and also helps to bring down the maintenance costs. In charge of orchestration of batteries, the BMS always ensures the maximum level of efficiency and acts as an anti-aging agent. We are genuinely proud of its skills thanks to the in-house software that we built. Combine your batteries with this smart card, and be one of the future-seekers.

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