TEMSA launched its two new products, the tourist coach MD9 and the school bus LD SB Plus, at the Busworld Kortrijk Exhibition held on October 20-25. In addition to the two new products, the TS45 sold in the American market, as well as the Maraton, HD, MD7 Plus and the electric bus Avenue Electron were also on display at the exhibition booth.

TEMSA presented seven vehicles in total, two of them new, at its 1,120 sqm - Stand 701 in Hall 7. This year, TEMSA was also represented at the exhibition with its technological theme Fleetics. Fleetics uses big data infrastructures and data science techniques to enable real-time analysis of the data collected from buses.

TEMSA held a press meeting on October 19, Thursday at its exhibition booth both for the launch of its new products and the promotion of its existing products. Dinçer Çelik, General Manager of TEMSA, Hasan Yıldırım, who has been appointed to become General Manager as of November 1, Acar Kocaer, TEMSA’s International Sales Director, and Kadri Özgüneş, TEMSA’s Sales and Marketing Director attended the meeting.

It is exciting to be at the Busworld Exhibition with new products

In his inaugural remarks at the press meeting, TEMSA’s Sales and Marketing Director Kadri Özgüneş said, “We are very pleased to be at the Busworld Exhibition, one of the most important exhibitions globally for buses and coaches, this year anew. It is exciting for us, too, to meet our customers at the exhibition every year with different product groups. This year we are also launching two new vehicles for the first time at the Busworld Exhibition. We are confident that both products will be received with delight by our customers.”

Quick solutions to customer expectations by TEMSA

TEMSA’s International Sales Director Acar Kocaer, on the other hand, gave information about TEMSA’s product line and international targets. Underlining that TEMSA differentiated itself in the European bus and coach market in every segment thanks to its broad product range, Acar Kocaer said, “TEMSA is a brand that is successful in offering quick solutions to customer expectations, and is rewarded for this success with a market share that is growing yearly.”

Two new buses for schools and the tourism industry

Stating that TEMSA continued to offer new product options to the market although it already had a broad product range, Acar Kocaer said, “This year we have seven products at our booth. Two of these products are brand new. The MD9 targets the tourism industry whereas the LDSB Plus is a product for school transportation. We are offering both of these new products to our European business partners.”

We will celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2018

At the press meeting, TEMSA’s International Sales Director Acar Kocaer shared some facts and figures about TEMSA as well: “TEMSA was established in 1968. Next year we will be celebrating our 50th anniversary. We have 1650 employees. The buses we produce in Adana serve on the roads of 66 countries. The number of countries where we focus on sales operations is 20. The annual production capacity of our plant is 4,500 for buses and 7,500 for light trucks.”

The leading brand of the bus market in Turkey

Highlighting that TEMSA had been the leading brand of the Turkish bus market for three years in a row, Acar Kocaer added, “As the leader of the bus market in Turkey for the last three years, TEMSA is maintaining its leadership judging from the sales figures of September 2017. The number of buses sold on the domestic market in the first nine months is 3,393. TEMSA’s share in this market is 31 percent with 1,055 units. Looking at the segments in the market, TEMSA’s share in big coaches, which we call the intercity segment, is 29 percent, in the multipurpose segment it is 23 percent, in the city segment 15 percent, and in the midi bus segment 37 percent.”

USD 185 million exports

Acar Kocaer informed participants about TEMSA’s international performance as well: “Our exports in 2016 were USD 129 million, and we expect that to increase by 43 percent and reach USD 185 million by the end of 2017.”

TEMSA in the markets of the U.S., France, Germany, U.K. and Sweden

In addition, Acar Kocaer shared market data relevant to the markets in the U.S., France, Germany, U.K. and Sweden, which are among the 20 countries where TEMSA focuses on sales: “Here I’d like to give you information about five leading markets. We have a market share of 9 percent with three products on the U.S. market where we are approaching the 1,000 units mark. In France, where we are heading towards 5,000 units, we offer a remarkably wide range of products. We cater to customers in that market with a total of eight products. Our share in the coach segment, where we are represented with four products, went up from 5.7 in 2016 to 6.1 percent. Besides, our three products in the intercity segment were a great success. Our share in the intercity market increased from 2.8 percent in 2016 to 5.9 percent in 2017. And we are almost at our 2016 levels in the midibus market where we have one product: The share that was previously at 15 percent is currently 14 percent. In Germany, where we have three products, we are maintaining our 2016 market share of 2.9. Similarly, our share in the U.K., where we offer two products, was 4.4 percent in 2016 and has been maintained in 2017. One of the markets that make us extremely proud is the Swedish bus market. The two products we have on that market gained a huge momentum and increased their share of 5 percent in 2016 to reach 11 percent in 2017.”

Meeting on the Technology theme on October 20

This year, TEMSA is represented at the exhibition with its Fleetics technology theme as well, and will hold a press meeting to introduce the Fleetics technology and TEMSA’s lineup of electric vehicles. The meeting will take place on October 20, Friday at 14.00 at the TEMSA booth numbered 701 in Hall 7.