Avenue IBUS, Offering Smart Solutions for Smart Cities, is Now Ready for New Experiences with its Improved Technology


Avenue IBUS, Offering Smart Solutions for Smart Cities, is Now Ready for New Experiences with its Improved Technology

Turkey's first smart bus developed by TEMSA, the Avenue IBUS, is now more advanced with the implementation of Fleetics, the first product of the data technology platform V2SMART, developed in partnership with STM (Defense Technologies & Engineering INC.).

IBUS was delivered to Kocaeli University Techno Park to be experienced as a part of the "Are You Ready for the Journey of a Concept Becoming an Initiative?" Project.

Turkey's first Smart Bus Avenue IBUS was delivered to Kocaeli University Techno Park to be tested with its improved technology. TEMSA’s General Manager Dinçer Çelik, STM Deputy General Manager Ömer Korkut and Kocaeli University Techno Park General Manager Ahmet Balkaya attended the delivery ceremony held at Sabancı Center.

Avenue IBUS will introduce a new innovation experience to Kocaeli University (KOU) students in their 25 km journey to Kocaeli University's Techno Park Campus. With this opportunity, Fleetics, the first product of the V2SMART platform co-developed with STM in order to fully meet and digitize the ‘Smart Transportation' solutions of Smart Cities, will be implemented in Avenue IBUS for the first time.

"First Domestic Data Product of Turkey Integrates with Transportation"

A minimum of 1.000 students and Techno park staff will evaluate IBUS in a minimum of 50 rides. The feedback received will be used for new initiatives by TEMSA and STM for Smart Cities and Transportation ideas. STM, who has established Turkey’s first and only Cyber Fusion Center specialized in cyber threats will ensure the security of data flow. 

‘Contributing to the Digital Transformation of Transportation in Cities’

TEMSA General Manager Dinçer Çelik, said that the individual and social needs have changed and diversified in parallel with technological developments. Çelik continued; “As a company determined to be an effective player of this change, we are focused beyond the horizon. We are not only producing vehicles, we are producing and exporting technology.”

Stating that TEMSA designed Avenue IBUS for smart transportation in today’s and tomorrow’s smart cities, Çelik said “we aim to contribute to the digital transformation of transportation in cities with Avenue IBUS. Fleetics implemented in Avenue IBUS is the first product of V2SMART Platform, a collaboration of TEMSA and STM, which greets every need of smart cities and digitizes transportation. With the vehicle we delivered to Kocaeli University, we offer students, university and techno park employees the opportunity to experience the benefits of smart transportation on the route from university to techno park. Their feedback is extremely valuable to us. We aim to increase the effectiveness of our SMART MOBILITY solutions by applying these feedbacks in our business models.”

‘We have developed a completely domestic system’

STM Deputy General Manager Ömer Korkut reminded the date this cooperation started, telling TEMSA and STM started co-developing new technologies with a protocol signed in September 2016. Korkut stated, “The two companies started a long-term collaboration in areas such as, Smart Vehicles, Large Data Analysis, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), and Cyber Security. A 100% domestic system Fleetics is a result of an intense R&D work completing in a record period such as 7 months. It enables real time and offline examination of the data collected from the buses by using large data infrastructure and data science techniques. Fleetics provides data on real-time performance and pre-determining malfunctioning of spare parts of the smart buses. In addition Fleetics enables modelling of driver behavior, accident prevention, fuel efficiency, route optimization, increase of passenger safety and modelling many other cost saving opportunities.”

Students’ Projects will be Realized

General Manager of Kocaeli University Techno Park INC. Ahmet Balkaya added, “We plan on introducing KOU Techno Park to 1.000 university students by transporting them with Avenue IBUS. We will host our students in our Pre-Incubation, Incubation and Sports centers. Our target is to receive applicants for these centers, and to start actualizing some of the projects. Advocating that an unrealized idea is lost in-between right and wrong, we believe that we must encourage our students to carry their dreams further.”