TEMSA continues to reflect its powerful trademark in Germany


TEMSA continues to reflect its powerful trademark in Germany

TEMSA, the leading brand in Turkish bus market, continues to reflect its powerful trademark also in Germany. TEMSA expands its vehicle park in Germany with Maraton deliveries to Diamond Drive, one of the leading companies that provide VIP service in tourism transportation in Berlin. Dinçer Çelik, General Manager of TEMSA, said at the ceremony held in Berlin that more Maraton vehicles will be run in Germany in the coming period.


TEMSA, which manufactures and exports its coaches and midi-coaches with its own brand, continues to to strengthen its position in the German market. TEMSA, which has 800 running vehicles in Germany, has delivered its Maraton vehicle in Berlin.

The ceremony was held at the Berlin Technical Museum with the participation of a large number of guests for delivery to the Diamond Drive, a leading company in VIP service in tourism transportation in Berlin. TEMSA General Manager Dinçer Çelik emphasized that Maraton had a total of 100 sales units within 8 months in Turkey.

Dinçer Çelik stated that German market is an important market for TEMSA and said, "We consider the delivery of TEMSA Maraton vehicles as one of the important steps to enhance our market share in the European market. Diamond Drive’s adding Maraton vehicles to its fleet, makes us happy since this continuous collaboration indicates customer satisfaction and vehicle quality. We believe that Maraton will be the most preferred bus in Germany in a short term. Larger number of Maraton vehicles will run in Germany in the coming period. "

Dinçer Çelik emphasized that BJK, GS and Başakşehir, The Turkish Super League football teams, prefer TEMSA Maraton as team bus, and said "We also have sponsorship plans in Bundesliga in Germany."

Nurettin Çağman, the owner of Diamond Drive, stated that they will launch a new era in VIP transportation with TEMSA buses, and added “other transporters in Germany will realize the product quality of TEMSA in a very short time.”


TEMSA, one of Turkey’s leading automotive companies, has a single shift annual production capacity of 4,000 buses and coaches and 7,500 light trucks, totaling 11,500 vehicles per year. TEMSA manufactures Safir and Maraton and tourist coaches, Pestij and Opalin midi-coaches and Avenue city bueses designed specially for urban public transport systems. The facility is also the manufacturing site for TS45, TS35E, TS30 coaches for the United States market; Avenue buses, LD, HD, Maraton coaches and MD9 and MD7 midi-coaches fort he European market.

TEMSA vehicles desgined and manufactured with in-house "know-how", are sold to the world's leading automotive markets as well as to the Turkish market and has expanded to 66 countries.