Galatasaray prefers TEMSA Maraton as team bus


TEMSA Maraton team bus links Galatasaray with the championship

Galatasaray prefers TEMSA Maraton as team bus

TEMSA Maraton continues to be praised by the Turkish Super League teams. On the way of the championship in Super League 2016-2017 Turgay Şeren Season, Maraton being produced by the special design of TEMSA is driving Galatasaray, which is one of the Turkish professional sports club, includes lots of success and contains 4 stars in its history.

The contract ceremony of Galatasaray and TEMSA about 3 years sponsorship agreement was held in Turk Telekom Arena on Monday, 13th of February with the participation of President of Galatasaray Sports Club Dursun Özbek, General Manager of TEMSA Dinçer Çelik and Captain of Galatasaray Football A-Team Selçuk İnan.

Dursun Özbek, the President of Galatasaray Sports Club, said: "Today we are proud of the corporation of two strong Turkish brands. Galatasaray, which is the leading professional sports club in Turkey, represents our country all over the world with great success. It became one of the most recognized brand of Turkey. TEMSA is also a leading company in both domestic and international markets. I believe that this cooperation between TEMSA and Galatasaray will provide comfort travels to Galatasaray on the way to new success and power to TEMSA. I think that this powerful cooperation for 3 years sponsorship signed today will extend in the near future and I wish the best for both sides."

TEMSA Maraton has been on the road with Galatasaray on the way of its Super Leauge marathon

Dinçer Çelik, General Manager of TEMSA, emphasized at his speech in the ceremony that they were happy because of TEMSA Maraton’s being preferred by Galatasaray, which is one of the most important clubs of Turkey and also one of the most successful teams of the Super League.

Dinçer Çelik, who wished success to Galatasaray for Super League 2016-2017 Turgay Şeren Season, noted:

"In this challenging competition of Super League, we are proud of Galatasaray's going with special design vehicle, TEMSA Maraton. TEMSA Maraton’s being preferred by the teams being ranked as the top three teams at the point table of Super League is also an important honor. TEMSA Maraton makes a difference by offering outstanding comfort and maximum safety both passenger and driver. The most important factor that creates this difference is TEMSA’s providing the fastest solutions to customer requirements. Maraton was produced with a particular design requested by Galatasaray Sports Club.

The highest level of comfort is aimed for players during their travel experience with spacious and comfortable seating by seat fabric, leg room and LCD for each seat. We hope that TEMSA Maraton will be auspicious for Galatasaray. We give thanks to President of Galatasaray Sports Club Dursun Aydın Özbek and the members of the board for their preference on TEMSA. This is a 3-year agreement now, but we believe that this collaboration will take much longer."

The preference of the leaders is TEMSA

Dinçer Çelik, who emphasized that TEMSA is the leading brand of the Turkish bus market in 2016, stated:

"Unveiling new products by considering customer requirements and the realizing investments for Research & Development studies make TEMSA the leading brand in Turkey's bus market. TEMSA give the customers reliability, quality, total cost of ownership and passenger experience that they need to maximize their revenues and profits. TEMSA also continues to add value to Turkey with the exports it has made to 66 countries. We are fully believed in that TEMSA will maintain its leading position in the Turkish bus market also in 2017. "

About Temsa Maraton

Maraton is manufactured as the world's first double-axle flat-floor Super High Deck bus, and comes in 41+1+1 and 46+1+1 options. Bus operators much appreciate Maraton thanks to the absence of steps between the seats and aisle, a generous luggage capacity, and its striking exterior design. In addition, drivers enjoy a very high level of comfort in the vehicle. The spacious driver area, programmable LCD cluster, ergonomic keyboard, digital dashboard and air conditioning in the sleep cabin are just some of the many comforts that drivers can benefit from. Besides its impressive road holding ability, the vehicle boasts AEBS, LDWS, EAS, ESC, ACC and smart fire extinguishing systems. Maraton is also equipped with CAN communication system that reduces the wiring in the vehicle. Maraton also allows passengers to enjoy an enhanced travel experience with spacious and comfortable seating, as well as a powerful air conditioning system.