TEMSA is the leading brand in 2016


-TEMSA is the leading brand in 2016

-TEMSA, market leader of 2016, expect the year 2017 to be a successful year

TEMSA maintains its leader position in Turkish bus market in 2016 with 1,765 units of sales. Consolidated net sales of TEMSA rised to approximately TL 885 million and export revenue increased to USD 128 million. In addition to the domestic sales, TEMSA, which has exported to 66 countries including USA, England, France and Germany, will add two more countries.

Dinçer Çelik, General Manager of TEMSA said that the development studies on electrical vehicle production continues with a new electric vehicle in addition to MD9 ElectriCITY and Avenue EV.

TEMSA shared the evaluation of 2016 and the targets of 2017 with a press conference. TEMSA General Manager Dinçer Çelik, Domestic Sales Director Murat Anıl, International Sales and Marketing Director Kadri Özgüneş, Sales Manager Baybars Dağ, Sales Manager Ayşegül Gökçe, Corporate Communication Manager Ebru Ersan and Marketing Section Manager Feridun Tanır attended the meeting held on Thursday, January 19.

Turkish bus market shrank by 28 percent compared to the previous year and decreased to 5,654 buses in 2016. TEMSA is the leading brand of 2016 by having a market share of 31 percent with 1,765 sales units. TEMSA increased its consolidated net sales from TL 750 million to TL 885 million by representing an increase of 18 percent. TEMSA grew by 25 percent in export with an increase from USD 102 million to USD 128 million.

At the press meeting, Dinçer Çelik, TEMSA General Manager, pointed that TEMSA will maintain its leading position in the market in 2017 and will continue sustainable growth".