TEMSA has produced its 15,000th Prestij.


TEMSA has produced its 15,000th Prestij.

The Prestij rolled off the production line at the main TEMSA plant in Adana, Turkey.

TEMSA, which has been manufacturing its Prestij midibus since 1992, realized the production of the 15,000th Prestij and celebrated this success with a grand ceremony on Wednesday, December 28, 2016. Dinçer Çelik, General Manager of TEMSA, and 1,700 TEMSA employees participated in the ceremony being organized at TEMSA factory.

The story of Prestij in the market started in 1992

Dinçer Çelik pointed out that TEMSA launched Prestij to the market in 1992 and said "Prestij is engineered and designed with driver comfort in mind. It also provides safe and comfortable ride for passengers.  TEMSA Prestij preserves its leadership at its own segment in Turkish market for many years. Prestij, always adapts to developing age; was modernized and improved. Finally, Prestij SX was launched in Turkey on 21 March 2016 with its new design, a more modern look and superior features. The number of Prestij sold in 2016 was 1,053".

15,000th Prestij leaves production line in 2016

"Today is a proud day for TEMSA," said Dinçer Çelik and continued "We have produced 15,000 units of Prestij since 1992. We believe that it will be proudly realized for the production of 20 thousand Prestij vehicles in the coming period, because TEMSA has become the leading brand in Turkish bus market with its growing product range and market share. TEMSA differs with its cost advantages and its technology in the market by providing fast solutions with its demand oriented products. This difference led us to leadership. This success has come as a result of the contribution of our engineers, our employees and the management, the trust of Sabancı Holding to us and the their continuous support ".