TEMSA, market leader in Turkey, is at theHannover Commercial Vehicle Fair


- TEMSA, market leader in Turkey, is at theHannover Commercial Vehicle Fair
- Market leader TEMSA exhibits its favorite passenger transportation products at Hannover Commercial Vehicle Fair

Exporting vehicles produced in Turkey to 66 countries, TEMSA continues meeting its customers. Turkey’s bus market leader TEMSA is introducing 4 vehicles at its stand at the 11th hall in Hannover Commercial Vehicle Fair. TEMSA is bringing its vehicles Maraton, HD, MD9 LE and MD9 with its customers at Hannover Commercial Vehicle Fair which started on 21st of September in Hannover, Germany and will keep its doors open for visitors until 29th of September. In the press meeting held on 21st of September, Wednesday Umut Kamay, TEMSA Director of Germany gave the opening speech followed by the presentation by Acar Kocaer, International Sales Director.

“We are restructured, both our sales and market share have increased”
Giving a speech about TEMSA’s organization and sales in Germany Umut Kamay, TEMSA Director of Germany said “With the restructuring period started in 2014 in Germany, our sales, sales channels, marketing, post-sales and spare part areas have been improved in line with customer expectations. With this period, vehicles in line with customer and market expectations have been developed and launched every year. TEMSA is committed to increase its sales with its target to be a niche player with its MD9 LE in the field of passenger transportation.”


2016’s leader brand TEMSA

Starting his presentation stating that TEMSA holds the leader market position in Turkish bus market, Acar Kocaer said “Achieving to be the leader brand in the Turkish bus market in 2015, TEMSA has maintained this position during the first 8 months of 2016. Continuing to increase its sales figures in both inter-city segment and shortdistance passenger transportation products despite all major difficulties gone through this year, TEMSA has managed to get a 32 percent share with 1091 buses sold out of 3365 buses in the first 8 months of the year. We are anticipating that TEMSA will be Turkey’s market leader in 2016 as well.”


TEMSA vehicles on European roads

Emphasizing that TEMSA continues to grow sales numbers and market share both across Europe and in the USA market, Kocaer continued: “The interest in Maraton and MD7 launched for the first time at Busworld Kortrijk Fair in 2015 does not surprise us. Maraton running with success in SHD segment in Turkey has been made to meet expectations of European customers and deliveries have been started. Product for which final deliveries to customers have been completed in the markets including Italy and Bulgaria will meet its customers in many markets, mainly in Germany and France during the rest of the year. We are expecting 50 percent growth quantity-wise and 35 percent growth turnover-wise in export markets in 2016.”


New orders incoming

Acar Kocaer stated that they continue to receive new orders from European transport  companies and said: “We received more than 130 orders in Midi segment in the launch year of our new product MD7. More than 100 orders and deliveries were met across Europe for each one of the important products HD12/13 and MD9 which are now well-known in the tourism transport segment. Upon market launch of MD9 RHD and all coming together with customers, our RHD vehicles have gained appreciation from the most important private operators in the UK market and orders are still being received.”


New opportunities in the Scandinavian, Baltic and Balkan markets Emphasizing that TEMSA listening to customers in the field and its innovative power enables it to have a voice in various markets with different characteristics, Acar Kocaer said “Swedish, Italian, Benelux and Baltic markets are other important markets where TEMSA has an over-budget sales performance. We are anticipating significant sales in all product range of TEMSA in the coming period in developing Iberia markets and in the Balkan markets where we see the delayed demand has

started to come back due to positive effects of monetary expansion.”


Electrical MD9 in new fairs

Stating that “We offered our Electrical MD9 to the French market in June at the Public Transport Fair, Kocaer said “Our electrical vehicle collected great appreciation in the launch in France. The position achieved by Temsa in electrical vehicle development shows its success of the innovation process.”
Kocaer finished his speech as follows. “We are targeting to introduce our products to
customers by participating in Persontrafik in Sweden, Rimini in Italy and EuroBus
Expo in England during the rest of 2016.”