MD9 electriCITY is on its way to France


MD9 electriCITY is on its way to France

The MD9 electriCITY vehicle, which was introduced by TEMSA on the 6th of April, is now on its way to France and will be introduced on the 14th-16th of June.  

The MD9 electriCITY will meet European customers between the 14th-16th of June at the Transport Publics 2016 Expo in Paris, in which urban transport vehicles participate. The MD9 electriCITY is designed by the TEMSA R&D centre and has a battery capacity of 200kwh and fully charged 250 km range with passenger capacity of 65 people.  MD9 electriCITY, can be charged within 6 hours.

There are over 4500 TEMSA vehicles operating in France

Temsa CEO Dinçer Çelik, states that France is on top of the foreign markets and points out that "Over 4500 Temsa buses are cruising on French roads".  France has met our MD9 product.  37 MD9 LE model vehicles are operating on French roads.  We believe that the electric version of the MD9 model will also raise much interest.

MD9 electriCITY will be one of the most favoured vehicles among Europeans

Dinçer Çelik added "Temsa is a brand that provides necessary products for the market and succeeds in renewing products quickly in response to customer needs", he went on to say that "Electrical buses will be in the focus in the future with their environmental and economical features.  The MD9 EletriCity product is a project we've been working on with precise focus, and it will make a difference in the sector with its component positions, vehicle dynamics and all around software. Temsa is a a brand that, besides introducing products to the market that respond to the needs of today, it also proceeds with work for future needs.  The MD9 EletriCity has been made ready for manufacturing with this awareness.  We believe that it will raise high interest among urban transporters and it will quickly take its place in Europe, and will be the favourite vehicle in France.  We have product groups between 7 metres and 18 metres for public transport with CNG and diesel.  Temsa claims its place both in the Turkish and foreign markets with these product groups, and we believe that it will claim its place with its electrical vehicles.   Temsa innovations are not limited to this. We will meet our customers with new products until the end of the year".