Temsa participated in the Busworld Kortrijk Exhibition with its 7 products


Temsa participated in the Busworld Kortrijk Exhibition with its 7 products

Temsa participated in the Busworld Kortrijk Exhibition which was held between 16-21 October, promoted 7 buses in total at the exhibition two of which is brand new.

Temsa, who manufactures and exports the buses/coaches to 64 countries, continues bringing their products together with their European customers in the Busworld Kortrijk Exhibition which is held every other year.

Two brand-new products in the Busworld Exhibition

In the Exhibition, Temsa took its place at its stand numbered 701 which was located in Hall 7 and consisted of 1120 m2, with its vehicles MD7, Maraton, HD 13, LD 13 SB, LF 12, MD 9 and MD 9 LE which were among the vehicles that were at the stand made their debut for the European customers for the first time.

MD7 is a brand-new midi coach

Temsa’s General Manager Dinçer Çelik who gave statements to the members of the press at the Exhibition stated that they shall promote two brand new vehicles among the 7 products they are exhibiting and said “One of these vehicles is the MD7 and the other one is Maraton. The MD7 is a brand new midi coach. The successful sales level of over 700 pieces of the MD9 product range is a very important factor in putting the MD7 on the market. The MD7 designed to be a product which is suitable for multi-purpose use, it is also a product that creates a difference with its driving ergonomics. The MD7 is also a vehicle which has the disabled vehicle equipment. The MD7 was designed without compromising the interior height and the comfort level.”

Temsa Maraton European Spec was promoted

Dinçer Çelik, who pointed out that Maraton vehicle has also great significance as it was the  first product Temsa put on the market, said “Maraton, is also well-known as being a legend in Turkish market. The interior height of the vehicle is (2000 mm). The floor with no corridor provides comfort for the passengers – resilient capacity for the operator. Maraton is also a different product with its light design and 50 passenger capacity. The vehicle is preferred by the drivers for its 440 hp Power Engine / driving ergonomics.”

Temsa’s power on the foreign markets

Dinçer Çelik, who stated that Temsa is a trademark which succeeded in reflecting its powerful image in the domestic markets on to the foreign markets, said “Especially, reaching a market level of 10 percent in the coach segment of the though USA market is also an indication of this success. Creating a strong distributor structure can be counted among the most important factors of being successful on the foreign markets. Other than the USA market, one of the countries that Temsa has the biggest market share in is France. Approximately 4 thousand Temsa buses are serving on the roads of this country. Temsa is among the most well-known brands according to the customer surveys that are made in France. Temsa is aiming to take its market share to higher levels on both USA market and the European market in the upcoming period”.

Leader trademark

Dinçer Çelik states that they were the market leader with two products on Turkish market in year 2014 and says they are having a successful market level despite the tough economic conditions in year 2015. Dinçer Çelik, who indicated that their leader products are Avenue which they are manufacturing for intracity transportation and Prestij Super Deluxe which is for shuttle transportation, said “We have reached 30 percent market level with Safir in intercity and tourism travel bus market. Temsa’s strong R&D structure, considering to the customer and to be able to quickly materializing the innovations in their product range in accordance with the requirements can be indicated among the most important factors of Temsa taking the leader position on the market.”

Effectively working and rapidly developing R&D center

Dinçer Çelik states that Temsa started out the year 2015 with the goal of putting 7 products on the market and despite the challenges they have faced they are proceeding towards the goal they set. He also says “Nowadays, you need to consider the customer’s needs, requirements at all phases and you need to materialize this with a strong R&D structure. Temsa makes a point of creating a new product concept with this understanding. Tourmalin, Maraton and Safir Plus products are also meeting with the customer as a result of this understanding.”

A strong R&D and considering to your customer are behind that success

Temsa’s General Manager Dinçer Çelik who stated that they are continuously carrying on their R&D works devoted to materialize the customers’ expectations form the products, said “The buses that are the handicraft of Turkish engineers and workers in Adana are not only serving on the roads of Turkey but also serving on the roads of USA and Europe. Today, Temsa products are on the roads of 64 countries. In Europe, only in France the number of Temsa brand buses have exceeded 4 thousand. Moreover; countries like Germany, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Lithuania and Benelux are also among the important markets of Temsa in Europe. The research that international research company GFK made has shown that in France and Belgium the brand recognition of Temsa is 100 percent and in Germany it is 95 percent. At the basis of the Temsa’s there is considering to the customer and the understanding of contributing to their work processes at the highest level. That is why we participate in the Busworld Exhibition which is held in every other year and get together with our customers. While we promote our products, they convey their expectations and thoughts to us. In this exhibition we will be promoting our two brand-new products that we have worked very hard for. One of these products is MD7 which has 33+1 seats capacity. This vehicle shall bring a unique excitement with its high level safety equipment, low fuel consumption properties and driving comfort. In addition to MD 7, we will also promote for the first time the Europe edition of our legendary bus Maraton which we have been continuing our works on for a long time. We believe that with its comfort level, strong engine, and smart bus data equipment Maraton will make a difference in service processed of the transporters. With our new vehicles, our product range expands from 7 meters up to 13 meters, Temsa continues to develop products they are intended for all needs”.

We are on the road to the future with smart technologies

Temsa’ General Manager Dinçer Çelik who pointed out that smart technologies are taking people’s lives and most importantly the automotive industry to a whole different point, said “With years of experience, we too are carrying the smart technology to travels and we are continuing our path with Smart Mobility motto. Nowadays, the smart technologies make a difference and these technologies offer economical solutions for life. For example, local authorities make their services different with smart public transportation solutions and make it more economical. These travels are among the main factors that add value to the municipality services. Moreover, the perfect combination of the vehicle parts with the technology brings along the most convenient operating cost. Smart technologies provide safer and more comfortable travels for the drivers and the passengers. For All these reasons, we are on the road to the future with our new models full of intelligence and with new technologies.”